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Adventures of the Jaga II

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Stone Carving

Good Skill’s ! I love admiring the local artists as we travel. Wood carvings have always been a favourite. All across the islands including New Zealand it’s been a joy admiring the talent. But the Island of Bali is home to some of the best artists on the planet.

Ice Carving is amazing when the competitors travel to Fairbanks Alaska from around the globe. Here, its Stone Carving. It’s everywhere, and amazingly intricate. This first image is a simple piece compared to the majority but the grace has been captured by the artists tools.

Knives are the tool. Cement and sand, white and black sand are the medium used to begin. Mixed, and block moulded, when the consistency of partially drying is at the correct moment the artist starts carving with dozens of different shaped knives at their disposal.

Visually the piece becomes a challenge to create as a lot of the pieces are blocks added as the previous one is completed. Especially so in the large facades that adorn temples, buildings, homes, and even fences around properties. I was fascinated as the piece was sculpted at what I considered high speed.

Stay Tuned as I must add more pieces.

Gargoyle Asia

These intricately carved temples and buildings are everywhere. Amazing to view close up the tiny detailing that makes up the huge pieces of artwork. It’s not just a single, or even a few artists that have made a name for themselves either. The new temple we admired had 62 locals create it in just six months ! They are artistic as a race. Beautiful stuff !

Two Wheels Rule

Indonesia moves primarily on two wheels ashore. Friendly chaos prevails with the constant music of horns being used to advise intentions. Light horn taps are heard constantly as the motor bikes weave in a bizarre ballet that has no rules or structure. There is sort of a proper side of the road to travel on, but , if the shop needed is on the other side, travel up that side like a salmon upstream. Always tap the horn to pass, with Overtaking four and five abreast !

Road rage is non existent ! Never heard an angry horn blast or saw any tempers flare. Just courtesy with a light horn tap no matter how blatant the infraction by western standards.

Side Saddle is amazingly popular with the female passengers on the pillion. I kept expecting to hear ” look ! no hands !” as she would balance riding sideways thru the maze. Family trips simply meant that all four or five members clung onto the small scooter as it whizzed along the narrow roads.

Motor Freight. Homemade large panniers of woven palm, welded rebar, plastic boxes, or simple tied and strapped bales of anything imaginable. 20 ltr jugs of fuel, cooking oil, paint, hardware. Mobile kitchens as some where elaborate lunch wagons serving Nasi Goreng Ayem, or fried fish balls, or ice cream vendors, along with being produce wagons. I fully enjoyed sitting at the sidewalk table having fried rice with a cold quart of Bintang at a three street intersection just watching the hundreds of motorbikes happily negotiating their uncontrolled, unscripted trips.

Bon Fire Beach Parties

Traditional music, dance, and food, make wonderful Indonesian beach parties !

The Family Car

Utility Vehicle. People mover, , Pure and simple. General transportation to and fro. It’s our Grocery wagon, , , fuel station when we haul our 5 gallon jugs of diesel, , , a warm bathtub in the tropics. Also an earth mover, we think of it as a dump truck when we use Sandy beaches. Maintenance truck when working around the hull of JAGA II.

Shelter, upside down over an open deck hatch we gather fresh air into the boat during rain. It’s an exercise gym with multiple settings, easy when calm waters, intense workout rowing against heavy swell and breakers. Rugged, oyster shells aren’t a concern as with inflatables, neither are saltwater crocs and sharks.

Washing machine ! Perhaps one of its most important attributes. Soapy water one half, clean rinse the other with fresh rain water. “Corkin” taint much to eyeball, but works like a Trojan when called upon.

Traffic Jam

When we purchased our AIS unit (automatic identification system) the propaganda in the owners manual assured us it could track up to 500 ships at a time. I remember thinking So ? We would never need that. Wrong !

Singapore Straits is perhaps the busiest sea lane in the world. Our task was to cross Five lanes of traffic , turn westabout and join the flow on the outskirts as we are the tortoise avoiding the hares.

As we neared the charted crossing our AIS unit maxed out to 500 of 500 ships being tracked. JAGA II is in the Centre of the screen as we travel N NW to cross. As evident, we had a tense undertaking in slow motion ( us at four knots against current ) as we threaded our course thru the huge commercial ship traffic literally smoking along !

Container Ships were our scenery for the twelve hour journey to our next anchorage. And have been our companions continually up the Melaka Straits. It will be a long time before we enjoy empty ocean passages again.

Polliwog to Shellback

Sailors are a superstitious lot. No rabbits aboard, never name your destination, don’t rename your ship, don’t leave on Friday, no whistling, no banana’s , ect ect.

Sacrificing to Neptune covers a multitude of traditions. And rites of passage include becoming a Shellback by crossing the equator . We turned west once reaching the magic line and followed it for awhile in order to properly appease and hopefully please King Neptune for future good luck . Ceremony and rum gifted over the side.

Evening entertainment

We have kinda lost track of the evenings we have taken our dinghy ashore for the music and dance.

Beachside Salad

A light salad or a full banquet , food is also traditional at gatherings.


Behind every dancer….. these folks provide tunes from the backdrop. Highly skilled there rhythm must be perfect for the dancers to succeed.

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