Annual Review  so to speak as it’s been a year since we brought you the BEER ATM.  What a success !  Upon arrival in the morning , hence before “ Beer Thirty “ we immediately noticed the renovation. Upscale and upmarket as you can see. Moved out to the front facing the dining area and the super yacht jetty and the gentleman is relocating a much larger laundromat thru the old side entrance.

Expansion also as he now offers Seven different brews all on Pour Your Own Taps. Including Guinness for the tidy sum of $22.00 MYR per liter (quart) . Translation is roughly $8.00 NZD or $5.35 USD. Not too shabby !

Humor is Tongue in cheek if you zoom in on the miter board on how to pour a perfect glass around the world. Malaysians use plastic bags on a draw string for nearly all their beverages, ice lemon tea to hot Kopi ( coffee) with a straw. Americans use a beer can.


Telaga Harbour has always been a favorite of ours. Well protected nestled between two small islands and a shore line of steep volcanic peaks.  The holding is reasonably good and it’s a shallow Anchorage at about twelve feet of water.  Taking the dinghy in is a short and usually smooth affair. It’s not the place to provision but a fairly stable area to do boat maintenance and repairs. There is a small but well stocked chandlery here but only open for business from 2:00pm until 6:00pm and closed Sunday and Wednesday. Eat your hearts out Banker Folks.


Standard for Poor people rating of AAAA is our reward for efforts Well done by this  entrepreneur for thinking outside the box and following thru successfully.  Why didn’t we think of this ?


Your friendly neighborhood ATM Card