img_2489It’s been a year without our blog. My old, first generation iPad could no longer cope, the WordPress site had also updated beyond the iPads and my own capacity. Thankfully, my son Jake, who along with his wife Jennifer, have a couple of awesome sights of their own and have helped me immensely. ” NOMADIC MOMENTS” are wonderfully entertaining sights. So we will start again and try and improve. Our “where are we?” tracker should now function again.

This site as a reminder is aimed at ” Land lubber” family and friends back home.

This past year JAGA II has backtracked herself down from Thailand, thru the Singapore straits again and up the east coast of Malaysia and across to the Anambas islands of Indonesia. This was as much a “seasonal” weather consideration as the desire to explore the crystal waters and snorkeling on the other side. As you can see in the upper left corner the blue triangular boat indicates we are currently back on the west coast at Langkawi again.

Will post this now as a ” Test” and hopefully be good to resume our blog in earnest.