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The holy grail of living ” on the hook ” is a safe, secure anchorage. Cap’n Fatty Goodlander considers it a ” bedrock skill” and has written a great book Creative Anchoring as a helpful guide to cruisers. I am a diehard student, still in training so to speak. There are very few things, very few, that can drown me in as much anxiety as thoroughly as a bad anchorage. I much prefer being hove to in a dirty blow than standing anchor watch trapped in a spot I know I can’t produce enough power to escape.

Secure, protected, and beauty all describe our current location. All things desirable when Hanging by a Thread. Wish every stop could be so. Not unlike most things in life it’s usually a compromise. The passage itself, the destination, the seabed, depth, currents, weather, ect ect and not least is the fact that as the boating community has grown, prime natural harbours and bays have been lost to moorings.

Moorings, commercial and private, seek the same desirable attributes as the sailor. In the more affluent, developed areas like as not a large portion of these moorings secure vessels that seldom if ever engage in there very purpose of travel. Hence prime anchorages are lost to unused play toys. The actual sailor has lost a valuable resource.

For now, here in this beautiful well protected harbour; we sleep well. We can go ashore to explore and enjoy our new neighbourhood. Life is good. When we set sail the search for such a location will begin anew.


Stainless Steel – Diamond Faceted


Entrepreneur Zone

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  1. looks amazing! drop a pin in it. I will want to find this place one day 🙂

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