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Stainless Steel – Diamond Faceted

Kuala Lumpur is fascinating at the very least. With the Perdana Botanical Gardens, Menara KL Tower, Batu Caves, Aquaria, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Central Market, Chinatown, and its trademark Petronas Twin Towers; you will need far more than a day to enjoy your visit.

Post Modern Architecture is how the Petronas Twin Towers are labelled. I personally am not a fan of modern city-construction with flat concrete and glass. The Towers are anything but. Eye teasing tubular diamond faceted stainless steel, nothing flat to be found above the sidewalk. Not unlike an ancient castle tower but out of steel and glass.

Photographic equipment and skill like my son Jake possesses is required here. Wendie took over a dozen photo’s to no avail. Simply could not capture the Towers in a single frame. And to be further intrigued, enter. Philharmonic Orchestra Hall, aquarium, and four levels of extremely high end shopping mall. Take a trip up to the double decker sky bridge between the towers. It doesn’t connect to either one, instead it slides in and out allowing the Towers to sway independently.

The deepest foundations along with tallest twin towers are its claim. Over a hundred pilings range from 200′ deep to an incredible 374 foot deep. Then a fifteen foot thick slab weighing in at a colossal 36 thousand Tons for its foundation. Each tower was built by a different firm, one from S Korea, the other Japan. Over a half dozen countries were involved in the construction but it is definitely Malaysian architecture.

Time is required to visit this area so don’t be in a rush.


Wood Carving


Quiet Beauty


  1. Dave and Mary Berg

    It is amazing!

  2. Karen Annie

    Wow. Amazing.

  3. Really good post Dad. Never knew that about the bridge not being attached. It makes sense.

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