Good Skill’s ! I love admiring the local artists as we travel. Wood carvings have always been a favourite. All across the islands including New Zealand it’s been a joy admiring the talent. But the Island of Bali is home to some of the best artists on the planet.

Ice Carving is amazing when the competitors travel to Fairbanks Alaska from around the globe. Here, its Stone Carving. It’s everywhere, and amazingly intricate. This first image is a simple piece compared to the majority but the grace has been captured by the artists tools.

Knives are the tool. Cement and sand, white and black sand are the medium used to begin. Mixed, and block moulded, when the consistency of partially drying is at the correct moment the artist starts carving with dozens of different shaped knives at their disposal.

Visually the piece becomes a challenge to create as a lot of the pieces are blocks added as the previous one is completed. Especially so in the large facades that adorn temples, buildings, homes, and even fences around properties. I was fascinated as the piece was sculpted at what I considered high speed.

Stay Tuned as I must add more pieces.