The Family Car

Utility Vehicle. People mover, , Pure and simple. General transportation to and fro. It’s our Grocery wagon, , , fuel station when we haul our 5 gallon jugs of diesel, , , a warm bathtub in the tropics. Also an earth mover, we think of it as a dump truck when we use Sandy beaches. Maintenance truck when working around the hull of JAGA II.

Shelter, upside down over an open deck hatch we gather fresh air into the boat during rain. It’s an exercise gym with multiple settings, easy when calm waters, intense workout rowing against heavy swell and breakers. Rugged, oyster shells aren’t a concern as with inflatables, neither are saltwater crocs and sharks.

Washing machine ! Perhaps one of its most important attributes. Soapy water one half, clean rinse the other with fresh rain water. “Corkin” taint much to eyeball, but works like a Trojan when called upon.

4 thoughts on “The Family Car

  1. Eva Ian

    How is it as a surfboard? And where is your rubber ducky? And Ian wants to know how you catch a tiger in it.Pohutukawas are starting to overwhelm us,Ian is limping less and B is getting ready for ping pong 🏓 in the hall.If we come to visit you where shall go?
    Sending Love, B &I


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