Awaiting Wind

Adventures of the Jaga II

Fleet Management

Every evening twenty nine squidders would venture past us smiling and waving as they head out for the nights work. They are but a small group that made up the fleet that would light up the horizon at dark. A small city of lights would appear and stay until morning. Smiling and waving they would return past us at first light . Hard working fishermen.


Squid Hunters


Dance traditional


  1. Karen Annie

    Glad you are doing well and observing some good fishermen.

    Love you, Karen Annie

  2. Eva Ian

    Wow what a life you are living! It sounds so exotic.Ian remembers the local boats with no lights in Venezuela. We have a picture of Jaga on the fridge so our thoughts are with you .Ian is taking big steps in his recovery and B came unscathed from netball competition.
    The lovely words you use allow us to sense the feelings of the place,the lovely colors and the quietness or the buzzle so absolutely different from NZ. Thank you. Stay safe!! B& I

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