Awaiting Wind

Adventures of the Jaga II


Wow ! We dropped our hook in Debut and when we rowed our dinghy to the designated area there was a small army of “hello mister” pre-teen youngsters there to take the painter and assist us ashore. Each smile gave us a “hello mister , my name is ________, what is yours ” along with a hand shake. Then we were graced with a cultural ceremony by several groups followed by welcoming speeches and a light meal. Not only was it humbling being treated as a dignatary but they made it a lot of fun for us. We then trekked over to an elementary school and were asked to speak to the class. We drew crude world maps and highlighted our home ports and became sounding boards as the students used their English. Grand fun for our first day.


Torres Staits


Debut, Kai Island


  1. Nutcase

    Wow sounds awsome . You wont want to come home after all that.

  2. Judy Norton

    Wow. Enjoy

  3. Eva Ian

    Just. got marine traffic and are trying to find you.There sure are a lot of ships in your area. Stay safe!! B& I

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