Torres Staits

This ship actually overtook us leaving Port Moresby. The straits had far more traffic but we didn’t get not one photo working our way thru there. It was full on. Roughly 25kt wind, 2&3 metre swell, and Current that in places was smokin. Coming out of the extreme depths of the Coral Sea just before Bligh Entrance the Straits become shallow at an average of 7 to 15 metres with a virtual maze of reefs and islands. To make it more interesting our self steering vane gearbox jumped time again and left us to man the seven plus foot tiller full time. Nearly three days and two nights of intense navigation before we cleared the Prince of Wales channel and secured the Arafura Sea. What a Thrill ! At the end of the fourth day we hove to and collapsed for some shut eye. The Arafura Sea is Shallow, very. And full of fishing activity , Well lit clusters of squid boats stretched out like a city at sea, netters ( caught one of our catamarans in the group) wooden long liners ,unlit, and fish attracting devices made of bamboo and various woods also unlit along with various plastic drums and strange wooden structures in the middle of nowhere. As we are now learning this is all over Indonesia and a constant threat. Actually may be getting worse. But, this is how they make their living so it’s we who need accomodate. Eight full days later we arrived in Debut, Kai Island, Indonesia.

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