As we sailed thru the entrance of the reef and turned up towards Port Moresby thru the haze of the wood smoke we witnessed progress. Tall spindly cranes pulling eaqually tall buildings upwards beneath them. It appears to be everywhere. We yield to cargo ship traffic in the busy inside channel as we make our way up to the RPYC to drop our hook and await quarantine. Upscale modern is our first impression. The smiles come out from every corner. Smiles, waves, and plenty of help standing ready. Friendships are made quickly and we begin to enjoy PNG right away. We tour an amazing botanical gardens of orchids along with birds of incredible description. Pictures to follow. The supermarket was a pleasure as we found brands and food unknown to us in NZ which made for fun. Their shopping mall was basically the same as anywhere with food courts and branded chain shops, but their native crafts at the markets was envious. Unaffordable beautiful hand rubbed wood carvings of every description the best we have seen so far. A great place to explore