Awaiting Wind

Adventures of the Jaga II

Port Vila, Vanuatu

Two days north and we dropped the hook in Port Vila. We were in a beaut of a spot and friends were on the spot to introduce us to their homeland. The sidewalks , curbs, streets, and all the business fronts were So clean and swept. Leg stretching and rubber-necking were in order and we so enjoyed the city. Other cruisers greeted us and grand yarns and laughs were shared all around for some memorable evenings. Mostly play but accomplished some repairs while making time for the local market and crafts. We will make more time for the Island chain on a return for sure but time being a crunch we readied for the passage to PNG and on to Indonesia. Thanks to each and all of you in Port Vila and being seeing you in the funny papers


The swimming hole


Nature provides

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  1. Judy Norton

    Beautiful enjoy your time you lucky bugas x

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