After eight easy days we made our first landfall in the paradise of Anatom Island, Vanuatu. All the locals were extremely kind and helpful as we did some repairs and then trekked about the village. No vehicles and trappings that we have come to believe so necessary to exist, while the smiles and laughter shine thru.

5 thoughts on “Landfall

  1. This is the second time JAGA II has been in Vanuatu. I departed Opua 13 July 2001 for Port Vila and on 21 July after a very slow passage followed by large seas and building winds I deployed the sea anchor for two nights as a test to see how JAGA II would behave with the new plate I installed on her bow for that purpose. It was like being chained to a concrete wall but the plate I installed on the bow performed perfectly with the sea anchor attached as I had hoped. The ride would have been much better had I used a bridle allowing me to set the boat up at a slight angle to gentle her ride as we hung off the sea anchor which should still be on board with 200′ of 5/8th line and chain. The two years spent preparing JAGA II for crossing the Pacific from the San Juan Islands of Washington State was well worth the joy and comfort plus the safety she provides. During the 15 years living aboard she never let me down and provided memories and pleasures that will last a life time. Enjoy her. She is a fine vessel.


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