Awaiting Wind

Adventures of the Jaga II

Departure Date

We are here with dozens of yachts in Opua, NZ, quite possibly the most utilised entry/clearance port for yachts in the country. And the topic amongst all the sailors is “when ?” When to go ? Ship stores are carefully wedged and packed, water and fuel tanks are treated and topped up, charts are out and studied. Blocks and winches serviced, weight distributed. Hulls are cleaned of barnacles and anti-fouling renewed. Goodbyes and well wishes given. Customs and clearance paperwork done.  Patience is thin. Everyone searching for that “weather window” and the cyclones are late this season. Cyclone Donna set a record as it passed over Vanuatu a category 5, the worst-ever tropical storm to hit the South Pacific  in the month of May. And as we wait for her to descend on New Zealand yet another tropical storm, Ella , leaves Samoa towards Fiji. And now over by Mexico is tropical storm Adrian, setting another new record as the Earliest pacific storm on record. The coffee cafe is brimming with sailors. Lap-tops, tablets, meteorologist websites and blogs, grib files, and the predominate conversation is “when” . When should we leave. The boats can take some heavy weather but the strains and loads are in the tons and damage is prohibitively expensive along with abusive to the crew. Avoid it and wait for the “Weather Window”. where are you ? So we wait, awaitingwind, the right wind hopefully.


Hanging by a Thread




  1. Nutcase

    Yes we are all waiting and getting cabin fever, but its better to be safe than sorry.

  2. stewart

    better to wait in a nice comfy port than take a pasting no matter how bad the itchy feet. Good luck, god speed, fair weather and all.

  3. Cliff Spiers

    Hi Wendie. Just having a glass or three of NZ chardonnay in my garden (its 22.29 local time ) best of luck in your forthcoming voyage. God bless. Cliff & Teresa.

  4. Jim and Wendi
    An old adage: “A sailor with time always has a fair wind”.
    We understand cabin fever!
    Bon voyage, Dale and Nigel

  5. Judy Norton

    Good luck guys safe travels keep up with your postings and enjoy every day xx

  6. John Jensen

    Hi Wendy,will watch your eventual progress with interest. In the mean time you could watch a re-run of pirates of the caribbean (just joking).

  7. Rita Mantell

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip you two. We will be thinking of you. Rita and Brian. ???

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