Hanging by a Thread

This past couple of weeks we’ve had the remnants of cyclone Debbie that devastated parts of Australia followed by leftovers from cyclone Cook coming down from New Caledonia. Heaps of rain, flooding, mud and slips. The town of Edgecombe here in NZ was hit hard with flooding. But Debbie really clobbered Shute Harbour in Queensland Aus.. sobering photo’s when you live aboard your boat on the anchor. It becomes imperative to seek out a “hole” with a good holding bottom that’s protected from the main brunt of the winds that tend to clock direction. Great care is taken to properly set our anchor hard, and the big storm anchor rigged and standing ready on deck. We plot an escape route on our GPS and when the gusts are healing us over hard we “stand watch” in the cockpit turns about. As JAGA II weighs in at over thirteen tons with heaps of windage up top and I think about her being held by only a 25kg chunk of steel at the end of 3/8″ chain, , , well, I think of it as Hanging by a Thread

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