“The Angler’s Eldorado”

In the 1920’s the famous American novelist Zane Grey wrote this of the Bay Of Islands, New Zealand. He had a fish camp at Otehei Bay on Urupukapuka which is one of the 144 islands that makes up the area. This young lady has landed this 166 kg Blue Marlin for weigh in at Whangaroa. It’s small compared to the record of 624kg but she caught this one on 15kg line ! Angler’s from around the world arrive in northern New Zealand waters every year in pursuit of game fishing. The Striped Marlin is the biggest draw as records abound from these waters. Black Marlin, Broadbill, and Yellowfin Tuna along with Thresher Shark ( record 1376 pounds from these waters) and the fresh water Trout fishing on both the north and the south island is considered the best in the world. If your passion is game fishing a trip here should be on your bucket list.

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