Windy Canyon

There are a multitude of trails all over New Zealand including their smaller islands. A majority of these are constructed and maintained for folks of all age groups, such as ourselves, providing wonderful access to areas that previously required bush-bashing. For a more indepth look at some you can link to  for some great areas of NZ. The other point always mentioned by Kiwi’s is that there isn’t anything with teeth or claws here to worry. Their most dangerous inhabitant is the small white tail spider. These wonderful trail areas give us leg stretching good treks off the boat.

One thought on “Windy Canyon

  1. Welcome to Port Moresby.
    What was your 24 hour average speed/distance made good ?
    How was the trip aboard JAGA II ?
    Curious to know your future travel plans aboard JAGA II.
    David H Dickinson


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